Oil Change

FOR X3 (E83)

Parts and fluids included in this package:

Tailored perfectly to each BMW engine, Original BMW oil filters are made with synthetic fibers for even greater robustness. They are capable of meeting the demands of synthetic oils and high oil temperatures, with a large filtration area (up to 3,800 sq. cm) that removes great amounts of impurities such as engine sludge and deposits. Even the finest particles - 0.005 millimeters and smaller- are filtered out, leaving only the purest oil and thus being more environmentally friendly as they reduce fuel consumption. Original BMW oil filters are outstanding in their seal quality which prevents impure oil from returning to the oil circuit and in addition protect the engine and extend its service life.

  • $99.95* for X3 6 cylinder models

Work performed in this package:

  • Motor oil is removed and replaced with new premium synthetic BMW oil.
  • Oil filter is removed and replaced with new Original BMW oil filter.
  • Eco-friendly oil change, including elimination/recycling of oil and oil filters.
  • Service Interval Indicator or Condition Based Service is reset according to factory specifications.
  • Multi-point check, including brakes, power steering and air conditioning belts, air filter, and tires for wear and alignment.
  • Security check, checking the condition of safety belts and function of automatic-locking retractors, belt locks and belt buckles.

A motor oil service is performed by expert technicians at your local dealer for optimal performance.

* This offer is valid only for BMW X3 Series (E83) (built from 2004-2010).
Prices include oil, parts and labor.