Wheel Alignment

FOR 5 Series (E60)

Driving straight is something we often take for granted, but without your BMW having all four wheels properly aligned this wouldn’t be possible. Improper wheel alignment can lead to adverse handling characteristics, premature tire wear, decreased braking distance, ride quality and fuel economy. BMW Certified Technicians and alignment machines know the exact specifications to which your vehicle was designed to help ensure maximum performance and satisfaction.

  • $149.95* for 5 Series 6 cylinder models
  • $199.95* for 5 Series 8 cylinder models

Work performed in this package:

  • Inspect all four tires wear patterns and for correct tire pressure.
  • Load vehicle onto alignment rack and install alignment plates.
  • Calibrate alignment machine to specific BMW model.
  • Adjust camber, castor and tow as necessary.
* This offer is valid only for BMW 5 Series (E60) Sedan and Wagon (built from 2004 – 2010). Offer not available on M models.
Prices include parts and labor. Fluids as well as taxes may be additional.