Wheel Control Joints

FOR X5 (E53)

Parts and fluids included in this package:

The wheel control joint is the connecting link between the wheel and body of the vehicle. Original BMW wheel control joints offer three important advantages: an improved roll off comfort through better guiding of the wheel, exact response and improved functional stability.

Original BMW wheel control joints are specifically matched to every vehicle. Thus, BMW achieves its’ well-known vehicle handling with optimal comfort and maximum driving dynamics.

  • $189.95* for X5 6 and 8 cylinder models

Work performed in this package:

  • Replacement of guide joints in tension struts.
  • Includes removal and reinstallation of both front wheels.
  • Removing and reinstalling tension struts with guide joints on pivot bearings.
  • Reinstall wheels and tighten bolts to specified torque.
* This offer is valid only for BMW X5 Series (E53) (built from 2000-2006).
Prices include parts and labor. Fluids as well as taxes may be additional.