Replace Wishbone Control Arm Front

FOR X5 (E53)

Parts included in this package:

The control arm is the connecting link between wheel and vehicle body. Defective control arms that are not matched to the vehicle model not only diminish the driving comfort but can also weaken the body structure, can cause a higher tire wear and increased strain on suspension parts. The operating lifetime is dependent on many factors: the relative road conditions, the mileage reading, the load carried in the car, the driving style, the environmental conditions as well as the constructive design.

Housed in cast aluminum alloy or steel, this durable, long-lasting part is an essential component of the chassis: its role is to transfer the forces applied at the wheels to the front and rear axle carrier. It is submitted to particularly rigorous testing by BMW to ensure material quality, stiffness, accuracy of size and reliability. Original BMW control arms offer three important advantages: an improved roll-off comfort through better guiding of the wheel and exact response, reduction of the noise generation and markedly improved functional stability. Original BMW control arms are specifically matched to every vehicle. Thus, BMW achieves its’ well-known vehicle handling with optimal comfort and maximum driving dynamics.

  • $419.95* for X5 6 and 8 cylinder models

Work performed in this package:

  • Replacement of left or right front control arm.
  • Includes control arm on pivot bearing and at front axle carrier.
* This offer is valid only for BMW X5 Series (E53) (built from 2000-2006).
Prices include parts and labor. Fluids as well as taxes may be additional.