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Original BMW Engine Oil

Enhanced engine performance, efficiency and protection for the Ultimate Driving Machine.®

The Most Advanced Engine Oil is Pure BMW.
There’s a new name in high-performance engine oils. Original BMW Engine Oils. Developed for BMW to meet the specifications of the new BMW Twin Power Turbo Engine generation, they are manufactured, tested and approved for your Ultimate Driving Machine. ®

The new Original BMW Engine Oils are based on unique technology developed and manufactured in cooperation with Shell and are pure BMW, through and through.

Only Original BMW Engine Oil can fully maximize the potential of a BMW Engine. It’s formulated Specifically for BMW Vehicles.
  • Engine Performance: Offers enhanced viscosity to rapidly lubricate the engine, for a better cold start and consistent performance even in extreme temperatures.
  • Efficiency: Reduces friction for up to 2.5% fuel savings, while a lower evaporation rate reduces oil consumption.
  • Engine Protection: Innovative Active Cleansing Technology keeps the engine close to factory clean, while superior corrosion and wear protection helps prolong engine life.

Base Oils from Natural Gas: Crystal Clear from the Ground Up.
BMW has taken the “crude” out of our engine oil, formulating its base oils purely from natural gas. The result: crystal clear base oils with virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil. It’s a major breakthrough in how engine oils are formulated, providing enhanced viscosity, reduced friction and lower volatility.

Overview of Original BMW Engine Oils.

Three categories for optimum performance.

Engine oils for sustainable driving pleasure: Engine oils in the “Silver” category not only guarantee excellent engine performance, the Active Cleansing Technology also keeps critical engine parts clean and provides high engine performance.
Engine oils for a world-class performance: Engine oils in the “Gold” category set new standards, guaranteeing outstanding engine performance and high engine protection. Oils with the “FE-fuel economy” label also ensures fuel saving.
Refilling with adrenalin: Engine oils in the “Red” category are tailored perfectly to BMW M high-performance engines and provide exceptional bearing protection under extreme performance and racing conditions.

Please contact your local Center for more information on Original BMW Engine Oils.