Close up of Style 732M Night Gold M Performance Wheel on a black 8 Series.Close up of Style 732M Night Gold M Performance Wheel on a black 8 Series.

ORIGINAL BMW TIRESRefresh your ride this season.

Original BMW Tires are specifically designed and engineered for maximum performance. They also help provide optimum traction and cornering plus a smooth ride while helping assist in the exciting driving experience that you expect from your BMW. Get a fresh start this spring with a new set of Original BMW Tires.

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A blue BMW driving in snow.


Don’t let winter weather ruin your next road trip. Original BMW Winter Tires offer both distinctive design and durability, with a unique rubber formulation that retains its grip on the road in temperatures under 45°F. Developed with leading tire manufacturers and engineered for maximum performance specifically for your BMW, they provide optimum traction and cornering plus a smooth ride. The result: ultimate driving pleasure, even in rain, snow or cold weather.

Star Mark designed tires have been developed in close collaboration with leading tire manufactures such as Michelin, Pirelli and Bridgestone to provide an enhanced driving experience for our vehicles.

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A close-up of the front of a brown BMW about to hit a large pothole on an asphalt road.


Nails, potholes, and other road hazards can cause serious and costly damage to your tires. Now, eligible tires purchased at a participating BMW Center will have complimentary Road Hazard Tire Coverage for the first year.

Visit your BMW Tire Center or click here for more details.

BMW Accessory Wheels that are installed on/in the vehicle prior to the delivery to the client will carry the full New Vehicle Limited Warranty. If the installation is made by a Dealer after the retail sale of the vehicle, the accessory will carry the remainder of the New Vehicle/SAV Limited Warranty period or the limited parts warranty for two years from the date of installation, whichever is greater. Warranty repairs do not constitute an extension of the original limited warranty period for the vehicle or any parts (including accessories) thereof.

All tires are manufactured by third parties and are covered by the limited warranty of the specific tire manufacturer. Please see an authorized BMW dealer for information about specific tires and the tire manufacturers’ limited warranty. Please see an authorized BMW dealer or the warranty information included with your new vehicle for more information. For more information about run-flat technology, please refer to your specific vehicle’s Owner’s Manual.